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Robert was born 'Robert Appleby' on the 18th November 1983 to parents Phyllis and Paul Appleby. Rob decided to adopt the stage surname 'Kazinsky' which is his Grandfathers middle name. Rob's enjoyment of acting began during his education at Hove Park School from 1995-2000, where he appreared in school productions of 'Bugsy Malone' and 'A Mid Summer Nights Dream' Rob studied Drama at GCSE level and got a grade B.

Rob's love of acting truely took hold in 2001, when at the age of 18 he auditioned for Drama School. Rob was successful and earned a scholarship at the Guildford School of Acting, where he spent 2 and half years learning the skills he needed to become a professional actor. Early on, during his final year he left to begin his career.

Rob's very first work came in the form of commercials, one of which was a Orange Telecomunications commercial for the European market. Not long after Rob left drama school, he got his very first television work. He was offered the part of 'Sven Garley' in an episode of The Basil Brush Show called 'Basil's Brush With Fame' playing a talent agent! This would be the turning point in Rob's career and possibly his big break because soon after this, he won the part of 'Casper Rose' in the 9th series of Sky TV's long running football drama Dream Team

Many folks regarded the character of Casper Rose the fan favourite of that series of Dream Team, gaining him many loyal fans. Rob appeared in most of the 9th series, but close to the end of the series, he was killed off as Rob wanted to move on and enjoy the challenge of other parts. Rob has always been very appreciative of the fans he gained from his time in Dream Team, being kind enough to take part in a webchat on a Dream Team fan site. In 2007, when the final series of Dream Team ended, Rob had the following statement to say about his time on the show:

Oh god how i've missed you guys! Well here I am back on the best forum on the net to say a final farewell, I have to try and sum up what DT meant to me.... What it meant to everyone. It had a small but hardcore following of the best fans i've yet come across, fans who kept it going for ten years of ups and downs, of course series IX being one of the ups. It was a cult show that was actually fairly realsitic, well observed and so much fun to do, it gave me a great opportunity and i'll always always be so grateful to the show and the fans that made my time there so enjoyable. I can't believe it's all over, I haven't been this upset since quantum leap came off air. I've been priviledged to work on the show, and ive been honoured to talk to you guys, the fans, the whole reason for TV,

Lots of love to everyone who watched, and made it possible.

Rob Kazinsky (Casper Rose) (source:

Soon after he had finished filming his final scenes for Dream Team, Rob auditioned for the part of Sean Slater on EastEnders. On the 18th May it was officially announced that Rob had won the part. Rob made his debut as the troubled and wayward Sean Slater on the 22nd August 2006. By this point Rob had now become an household name and his status as an heartthrob increased after appearing in many of the TV and Soap magazines. Rob continues to play Sean Slater with charm and wit, whilst keeping a mysterious, brooding and sexy element to the character. In 2007 Rob received his very first award nominations at the British Soap Awards and more recently has received 3 nominations for the Inside Soap Awards.

When Robert is not working, he enjoys all kinds of activities. Robert is one of the countries top stage fighters, having attained unmatched grades throughout every exam the British Academy of Dramatic Combat could offer. He was also only the second ever person to receive an examiners star for fighting, the highest accolade available. In his spare time Rob is a big supporter of charities and is happy to do his bit for good causes. Whilst he was still in Dream Team, he appeared with some other cast members in KOOPA's music video for the charity song Stand Up 4 England. Proceeds from the song would go to the Barnardos childrens charity. One of the causes closest to his heart was the Tsunami appeal from the devestation of Boxing Day 2004. On Sunday 1st October 2006 he took part in the Great North Run along with Kara Tointon (also of Dream Team and EastEnders fame) In his leisure time, Rob admits to doing the usual stuff guys his age do, such as play video games and hang out with friends. However he is totally focused on his work and admits a lot of time at home is took up by reading his scripts.
Robert Kazinsky is an extremely talented actor and brings so much to all of the characters he has played to date, making them truely stand out. Whether you laugh at him playing Sven in Basil Brush, find him cheeky and lovable as well as feel sadness after his death as Casper Rose in Dream Team or find him sexy and mysterious as Sean Slater in EastEnders, Rob has something to offer all his different fans making each of his characters unique in their own way.


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